Essential lines and minimal proportions characterize the Tab stool.


The Tab stool, designed by Dondoli & Pocci, is a functional element that creates a trait d’union, elegant and distinctive, with the open space kitchen or with the open bar of the living room, but that is perfect also for collective spaces in the contract sphere. The rounded and soft lines of Tab bring to mind the world of nature: the seat is in fact smoothed as if it were a pebble, so as to make the stool, together with the footrest, even more welcoming for a well-deserved moment of relaxation. Tab is available in polypropylene or in emery leather upholstery for a touch of elegance and warmth.

Data sheet


Width: 42cm

Depth: 43cm

Height: 60-80cm

  • Mat white

  • Mat anthracite grey

  • Mat red

  • Mat dove grey

  • F05

  • F07

  • F08

  • F09

  • F01

  • F10

  • F13

  • F14

  • F18

  • F19

  • F20

  • F21

  • F22

  • F23

  • F24

  • F25

  • F45

  • F49

  • F50

  • F88

  • Mat white

  • Mat anthracite grey

  • Mat red

  • Mat dove grey

  • Mat bronze

  • Mat lead

  • Mat pearl gold

  • Mat platinum

The samples above represent the complete range of materials and finishes available for this product (regardless of the top shape or size, in the case of tables). Fabrics, eco-leather, leather and emery leather shown in this website are a selection. Colors and finishes are approximate and may slightly differ from actual ones. Please visit Bonaldo dealers to see the complete sample collection and get further details about our products.


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Dondoli and Pocci

Harmonious freedom: this is how you could sum up the contribution that Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci has been offering Bonaldo for years. Since their university days the experience of theatrical experimentation has stayed with them, continuing to burn bright in their later career as designers. And in their work, the interest for theatre decidedly influences the design framework of their creations. Dondoli e Pocci see design as beauty, harmony and freedom.